Yusei Fudo are been shown to be a friend so you can both Leo and Luna

Yusei Fudo are been shown to be a friend so you can both Leo and Luna

Leo shows solid protectiveness and you may jealousy an individual flirts that have their sister, or whenever she shows close need for individuals (particularly in the japanese adaptation). [9] After the battle with Z-one, Leo blushes through to viewing Luna from inside the brand new attire, posting comments to them when you’re flipping out and you may cheerful (being substantially flustered). [16]

Yusei Fudo

Leo seems up to him because greatest Duelist he has ever understood. Yusei gave Leo of several information with respect to duelling and has determined Leo becoming better yet. This really is seen immediately following Leo faces up against Devack, to which inside Duel Yusei sees you to definitely Leo are duelling way more carefully, with the knowledge that they have changed and you can grown up since their basic Duel. [17] For that reason, after the Duel ends, Yusei congratulates and you can tells Leo he performed better. [18]

Jack Atlas

Inside occurrence thirteen, Leo was shown to admire Jack Atlas since the newest second reigned since Queen. They have figurines away from Jack along with his „Red-colored Dragon Archfiend“, but now thinks about Yusei since top Duelist after the Chance Mug, far so you can Jack’s annoyance. Regardless if he do believe that, Leo are passionate by Jack being an effective Duelist. When you look at the Duel up against Aporia, Jack sees something new regarding the Leo and asserted that Leo create protect anybody no matter what whether or not it indicates stopping their lives. [8] Although not seen too-much, Jack indicates concern getting Leo, since the a mature pal, and you may tells Leo not to give up assaulting (and this occurs when Aporia tries to rating Leo to quit, whenever Leo dies out-of Aporia’s assault for a moment). [7]

Akiza Izinski

Leo seems around Akiza Izinski because the an effective Duelist, in the event she went around the woman alias, brand new „Black Flower“. Although he had been a bit afraid of her, the guy still-admired her abilities. The guy desires end up being rated on top of their category such this woman is. He along with used the girl to stand upwards because of their best in order to Duel from inside the Duel Academy. [19] The guy commonly relates to the woman given that „Huge Sister Aki“, and has high regard and fascination with this lady such as for example a sis. (Japanese adaptation only). [20] [21]

Bob and you will Dexter

Bob and you may Dexter are Leo’s family members, as he is seen to hold out with them on Duel Academy (and has identified Dexter just before he fulfilled Yusei). [19] [9] [22]


Such as the most other members of Group 5D’s, the http://datingranking.net/atheist-dating/ guy noticed Aporia due to the fact an enemy. Prior to Aporia appeared the very first time Leo currently got a particular grudge towards their embodiment Lester. Within the Duel throughout the Divine Temple, Aporia constantly caused Leo feeling anxiety by the attacking Jack and you can Luna, but instead, Leo answered from the attacking courageously and you may died for a moment, but are restored while the a Signer, sufficient reason for Jack and you may Luna, the guy reveals Aporia guarantee. [7] [8] Throughout Aporia’s Duel against Z-that, Leo showed esteem to your Aporia and was constantly worried when he had harm. Whenever Aporia died, Leo are shown to be sadder than other people, then he angrily scolded Z-you to for eliminating him. In advance of Aporia Dueled Z-one the guy advised Leo that he saw the new hope which he owned within this him, and that promise is the very same you to definitely Aporia had been looking to. [10] [23]

Leo was a predetermined Flame signal influenced by the Sunrays. While the fifth check in the brand new zodiac, the fresh Leo individual try committed, sure, separate, faithful and large. Talking about magnetic and influential people who are particularly in its element when they have an appreciative audience. Popular Leos is Mick Jagger (July twenty six), Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (July 28) Martha Stewart (August 3), and you will Bill Clinton (August 19). Leo is thought regarding since a beneficial „royal“ sign along with their symbol, brand new lion otherwise queen of the jungle, and that is wise and you will subtle, although which extremely feature of their identity can get topic these to feel somewhat vain and you may overbearing.

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